Choose Your Reader is proud to provide a platform for published and unpublished authors to reach their audience in a new and unique way.  We all have a story inside us, and Choose Your Reader may be the perfect platform to tell it.  Choose Your Reader is interested in publishing stories from diverse backgrounds.  For those who prefer to tell stories through pictures, Choose Your Reader also is looking for talented illustrators who would like to illustrate stories for the app.

A few rules for the Choose Your Reader submission process:

  1.  By submitting a story, you affirm and attest that the story is an original work owned and created by you and may be published freely without compensation to any third party.  If there are any joint authors, you further affirm and attest that the joint author(s) have consented to submitting the story to Choose Your Reader, LLC.  If submitting an illustration, you affirm and attest that you are the original creator of the illustration without reliance on any underlying source material that aided in the actual creation of the illustration (e.g., tracing, altering photographic images, etc.).
  1.  After submitting your story or illustration to Choose Your Reader, you retain all rights to the submission, unless and until such submission is selected for publication on the Choose Your Reader app.
  1.  All materials shall be submitted in pdf or jpg format.  No links to stories or other content are permitted.
  1.  Choose Your Reader, LLC charges a review fee of $5.00USD.  The review fee partially offsets the cost of an independent review and further assures that Choose Your Reader only receives legitimate and sincere submissions.
  1.  Choose Your Reader, LLC will not distribute or otherwise publish any content submitted without the express written consent of the author or illustrator.  Choose Your Reader, LLC may provide access to a submission for its independent review partners to assess the quality and suitability of the submitted materials without violating this Paragraph.
  1.  Any dispute as to any submission to Choose Your Reader, LLC shall occur in state or federal court in and for Dallas County, Texas and all activities associated with any submission to Choose Your Reader, LLC are performable in Dallas County, Texas.  Texas law shall apply in all such cases, without regard to choice of law principles.

By submitting the payment, you agree to the above terms.