Our Founder

Choose Your Reader was founded by Mike Coles, a lawyer, award-winning screenwriter, and children’s book author.  As a divorced Dad, Mike wanted to create a way to connect with his son, even when they were apart.  Choose Your Reader was developed so that Mike could share the stories his son loved with children everywhere, and build a platform for others to do the same.

Our Stories

The first stories to launch on the Choose Your Reader app were written by our founder, Mike Coles, for his son.  We hope these stories delight you and all the children you love!  We are also excited for the community to grow as people like you submit stories for their loved ones.  Learn how to get started here 

Meet the Team

Our team is a lot like most kids, small but full of potential.  Meet the people who make Choose Your Reader the best app for kids available today.

Mike Coles

Our Founder, President, and the first author published on the Choose Your Reader app.

Hsiaolan Wilson

Our resident tech expert and the go-to resource for creative problem-solving.

D. A. Coles

The inspiration for Choose Your Reader, and Mike’s inspiration for trying harder every day.